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Small things like grocery shopping and laundry days are exciting now in a way that’s hard to explain
Without sounding like an old man reminiscing.
I am blissfully happy when we spend the afternoon tidying or cleaning,
And nothing makes me more giddy than a trip to Argos for a blender.
I used to be terrified of drudgery,
And I dreamt of running away to a world of loud music and new faces and languages
That scared me in new ways every day.
Now, my version of excitement
Is when our favourite program is on the telly,
And we make popcorn and pour glasses of wine and curl up for the night.
You make routine and comfort feel like an adventure
And I want to stay lost with you.
Sundays are my favourite,
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I need to use the bathroom before I sleep but I’m too sleepy to get back out of bed, do you see my problem?

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